Find common answers to questions about Ace Gaming products and support.

Technical Support FAQs

My computer will not power on.

All of our systems go through extensive testing before they are packaged and shipped. Here are some steps to try: 

  1. Make sure the power cord is fully connected to the power supply and to the wall outlet. 
  2. Make sure the power supply is switched to “ON”. 
  3. If using a surge protector, try connecting the power cord directly to a wall outlet. 
  4. It is possible for the internal power connectors to come loose during shipping or while removing the packing foam from inside the computer. Carefully remove the side panel and check both the 24-Pin and CPU power connectors to make sure they are fully seated. 

If your system still will not power on. Please contact us using our live chat service or open a support ticket. 

I turn on my computer but my screen is black.

If you come across a black screen when turning on your computer, try the following: 

  1. Check all the connection(s) on the video card and your monitor – make sure they are fully seated. 
  2. Select the correct source on your monitor. 
  3. If available, use a different display cable and see that if that resolves your issue. 

If none of the above steps worked, please contact us using our live chat service or open a support ticket.

My computer will not boot into Windows.

This can happen when installing new drivers, applications, or malicious software. Did you install new hardware? Did you accidentally unplug something when working inside the computer? This can be from various reasons, try these steps: 

  1. If you recently opened your computer to clean, install new hardware, etc. You may have accidentally unplugged power or data cables. Check all the power and data connections on your components and motherboard. 
  2. Enter your computer’s BIOS and check its boot order setting, ensuring that it is set to boot from the correct drive that has the operating system installed. 

After trying the steps above and you are still unable to boot into windows, please contact us using our live chat service or open a support ticket. 

My computer freezes or crashes during boot.

If Windows seems to boot fine but hangs halfway or blue screens and restarts, it may be a software or hardware problem. Try the following steps: 

  1. Attempt to boot into safe mode. If the computer is stable in safe mode, try uninstalling any recently installed hardware drivers, perform a system restore, and scan for malware. Newly installed drivers or malicious software may be causing this issue. 
  2. If your computer is still freezing or crashing, you may want to try the “Reset This PC” option. This will restore your computer to its factory state. You can choose to “Keep My Files” or “Remove Everything”. 

If you are still experiencing Windows freezing or crashing during boot, it may be a hardware issue. Please contact us using our live chat service or open a support ticket.

No Fan Lighting/Out of Sync

If your system has no fan lighting or only a couple of fans with lighting, chances are the lighting setup has changed. Follow the instructions below to detect and make sure each fan is recognized.

  1. Start by double-clicking on the “iCUE” icon on the bottom right of your screen.
  2. Once in the iCUE software, click on “Lighting Node Core
  3. After clicking “Lighting Node Core“, Click on the “Lighting Setup” tab on the left
  4. In the “Lighting Setup” section, make sure the “Lighting Channel” dropdown menu is set to “SP RGB PRO/ELITE Series Fans” and that “4 Fans are connected” in the next dropdown (default setup). This should set each of your fans to a specific color to identify the fans are functioning. Once all the fans are detected, you can then set an “Instant Lighting” color, or use the “Lighting Channel” menu on the left to configure your own settings. If you have added fans, please make sure to change the fans dropdown to the proper amount.

If you are still having issues with your systems lighting, please fill out the contact form and we will be happy to help!

Company FAQs

Are these computers able to stream at high FPS?

Yes. You will be able to maintain high FPS during streaming and screen recording. See the official benchmarks under the product listing. Please note that FPS will fluctuate from system to system and depends on the game/software. Not all systems will have the exact same FPS.

Why aren't there cheaper options?

  • At Ace Gaming, we believe in providing top of the line, high-performance gaming pcs. This means that we only work with top-tier, high-quality component brands. We do not cut corners and use cheap components – at all. Our systems are TRUE high-performance gaming pcs.
  • Although there are computer systems out there that claim to be “gaming pcs” and have an attractive price, usually, they are not. Cheaper systems use cheaper components, which may lead to future issues, in result; the end gamer is left with a bad overall experience.
  • Our focus is to give our gamer the absolute BEST experience. We simply do not do cheap.

Do you offer financing?

We currently do not offer financing because our systems are not sold directly on our website. You can find our systems on the Amazon and Newegg marketplaces.

How does your system perform differently in comparison to other brands?

  • Here at Ace Gaming, we do extensive research and testing on components and configurations before we give permission to proceed for a system to go live and sell to gamers like you. You can view our official benchmarks under each product listing. Rest assured, depending on the system you are purchasing, you would be getting the best components, using the highest quality brands, for that configuration.
  • Competitors out there have so many configurations available; we cannot imagine the same amount of research and testing goes into each of their configurations.
  • Computer components communicate differently with each other. This is why we test DOZENS of configurations before we dial-in the BEST.

What comes with your system?

Every Ace Gaming PC comes fully assembled and ready to use. Your package will include your new computer, quick start guide, motherboard manual, and power cable.

Does the PC come with drivers?

All systems come with the required hardware drivers. Hardware manufacturers are frequently updating their drivers. You may need to update some hardware to the latest driver version. The hardware manufacturer’s website is the best way to keep your drivers up to date.

Why water-cooling?

Water-cooling enables your CPU to operate at lower temperatures and adds to the aesthetics of your system. Most of our systems come with AIO coolers.

Does the PC come with peripherals?

We do not include peripherals with our systems. We will have bundles available on our website in the future.

What does the PC come pre-installed with?

All of our systems come pre-installed with Windows 10 Professional or higher, depending on the system.