There has been an intense debate for many years over the benefits of gaming on varying platforms and systems. One of the strongest of these has been the PC vs. Console debate. There are questions of ease of use, comfortability, offerings, capabilities, and pricing weighing into the discussion. Of course, there is no correct answer for everyone, but let’s see why there has been such a significant upward trend in PC users over the past decade.


Ease of Use


One of the most significant factors holding people back from PC gaming for so long is the convenience factor of consoles. The simplicity of plug-and-play was significantly more attractive than the thought of setting up or even building an entire computer station. However, with the rise in internet usage and especially pandemic-era work from home, computers have quickly become essential in any house over the last 20 years, leading to a decreased learning curve and a familiarity with computers. Using one’s already owned computer can be a great introduction to gaming, especially for those without a console already. New consoles are also designed for quick, easy setups now, making them very simple despite possible unfamiliarity with the platform.




Once getting further into the gaming sphere, having a system that can keep up with the newest games can become much more appealing. Here, there is the appeal of the simplicity of sitting on the couch and booting up the tv to play from a relaxed space. This process has been made even easier for both consoles and PCs, using Bluetooth with wireless controllers. Here the question of the system becomes a bit more complex as much of it comes down to preference. Whether different console or computer software, each method has its user interface that appeals to varying likes and needs. The system that you find most comfortable will depend on what you are most looking to do and what UI you prefer.




A significant difference or deciding point for many today is the game offerings of a given system. Between system exclusives and the difficulty of programming to multiple platforms, games you want to play may not be available on your otherwise system of choice. This happens generationally as well as some consoles may not have backward compatibility to older games, making previous games unplayable without owning the older console. Because of this, pc has one of the oldest running libraries and an even more extensive collection of cheap or free indie developments released over various websites. While the quality of many may be lackluster, the number of games catering to multiple niches and interests is a certain appealing point for those not just interested in the latest big-name titles. Here, the breadth, variability, and backward compatibility of pc make it a much more appealing platform, unless you are looking for a specific console game.




One of the most vocal debates has been over graphical abilities in recent years. With each generation pushing gaming beyond its limits, it can almost be hard to discern sometimes where the improvements come at a glance. However, many have switched to pcs in recent years because of the sheer power that a good pc can output. Between high frame rates and pushing graphical boundaries, many gaming pcs have been able to do what consoles just never could come close to until recently. Newer consoles have started including more pc-like features and even innovating on a build from a universal design point. While many prefer the flexibility of designing and pricing a pc to fit their own needs, the process can often require more work and research than some are looking to do. The other issue that sometimes comes with great graphics is, unfortunately…




Pricing. Price points can be a massive barrier to entry for anyone with any system. Especially with a scalping problem started during the pandemic, finding appropriate pc parts or consoles may be extremely difficult to do within the suggested or normal price range. Many of the most powerful PCs will require several expensive components, mainly a CPU and GPU. Where consoles are often sold at a moderate price, PCs can range all over the spectrum depending on how much you would like it to do. Playing at a reasonable resolution with high fps can be pretty affordable these days, but pushing into higher resolutions like many 4k TVs may require more expensive components. Here the difference comes down to what price point and power you are looking for, with cheaper components being much more reasonable and more powerful systems getting into high price ranges.


Overall, the offerings with PC gaming have become much more popular in recent years due to the sheer flexibility the platform provides. Without even scratching the surface of modding communities and frequent game sales, personal computers’ options open up are very appealing to many. Preference comes down heavily to the user and what they are looking to get out of a system. However, these are some of the pros and cons that have led many to their decisions.


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